What to Do When You Buy Your New Home in South Lake Tahoe

Whether you are moving to South Lake Tahoe, CA on a permanent, year round basis or you are investing in a vacation home in order to take advantage of the crystal waters in the summer and the epic powder in the winter, you have just purchased a little piece of heaven. People all over the globe clamor for the quality of life and stunning beauty that South Lake Tahoe can offer, and now is the time to start settling in and nesting in your new home.

Here are some great tips that can help you during this exciting time as you move in to your new home.

  • Check for any leaks – Leaks can cause unsightly damage, structural problems and will cost you a fortune if left unchecked. Your house inspector will have already done an assessment, but there is never any harm in checking again. Have a thorough look at all taps, faucets and toilets in your home, including the oft-overlooked vegetable sprayer. Have a look at your water meter, and then check it again two to four hours later when no one has used any water – if the numbers are different, you clearly have a leak.
  • Change the locks – Let’s face it – you never really know who has keys to the existing locks, do you? Better be safe than sorry – replacing locks can be a simple DIY process, or you can call a locksmith for a professional job. The peace of mind that this simple step affords is well worth the minimal cost involved.
  • Assess your surroundings – You are in South Lake Tahoe, CA – this is truly one of the most amazing places on the planet. If you haven’t done so already, scout out your neighborhood and all nearby amenities and start making plans for all of the activities you and your family can soon start enjoying.
  • Familiarize yourself with all utilities – This is a great time to do a complete walk through and ensure that you understand how to use all appliances (including sourcing any missing manuals), know where your circuit breaker box is located and find the aforementioned water meter. Better now than in a future emergency.
  • Do a thorough clean – Whether you do this yourself or hire a professional cleaning service, a full deep clean of your new home will make you feel like you are truly at home, free of the dirt left behind by the previous occupants. Make sure that you don’t forget the insides of cupboards and closets – these areas are often coated in sticky residues that get missed the first time around.

Still haven’t completed the search for your perfect home in South Lake Tahoe, CA? Myriad highly rated, professional real estate agents are working eagerly for your business in the region – get in contact today, get results and soon you’ll be completing your own new home walk through.