Selling Your Lake Tahoe Home

When it comes time to sell your beautiful Tahoe home your relationship with your real estate agent is the most crucial part of the process. Without the foundation of a successful relationship, selling your home is going to be much more difficult. We believe this relationship should be open, caring and trusting.

Below you’ll discover the importance of working with a team of realtors who will do everything in their power to ensure selling your home will be an enjoyable experience.

Understanding The Listing Process

The listing process begins with a market value analysis of your home. This enables us to suggest a fair listing price for your home. Choosing the right listing price takes a careful balance between maximizing your needs, while ensuring you don’t price yourself out of a sale.

Once we’ve established a fair price we move on to constructing a marketing and advertising plan that will reach the ideal buyers for your home. One of the greatest tools we have at our disposal is to include your property on our own set of featured real estate listings, as well as list your property in our Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which allows local realtors to see all of the sales information pertaining to your property.

We also place your home on preview, so our neighboring offices are alerted your home is available for showing. We also become aware of how the pricing sits with other realtors, as well as any other suggestions and comments that may arise. We share all of this information with you.

Once your home has been passed along to all of our listing services and has seen an increase in exposure with local realtors we will distribute any needed promotional materials to clients who might be interested in your home. This includes the coordination of any appointments, following-up on any appointments, and hosting any open houses. This will become a daily process for us until your home has enough interest to result in a sale.

We will continue to follow up with you on a weekly basis until we have sold and closed your home.

Benefits Of Working With Our Tahoe Real Estate Team

When you work with our Tahoe real estate home you sign up for a relationship with a real estate company that puts your needs first. Most real estate companies are simply interested in making a sale, while we believe in forming a relationship.

When it comes time to close the sale we handle all of the details of the sale, which includes all technical documentation. This means we will also arrange for the preparation of all the closing papers, and even assist you with any necessary closing steps on your end.

Once the closing has occurred and you’re happy in your new home we’ll make sure to follow up to see if you require any other services. The foundation of our working together starts with our relationship, and we believe in extending this relationship of service for years to come.