How To Organize A Garage Sale Before Moving


garage saleGarage sales can be a great way to make a little extra cash from extra goods you have lying around the house. Whether you’re trying to downsize before a big move, or just create a little space around your home, it’s worthwhile spend the time setting up a garage sale.

That being said, all garage sales are not created equal. In order to have an effective garage sale you must do the necessary organizational and prep work to ensure the success of your garage sale. Below you’ll find our best tips on garage sale organization before the big day.

Catalog Your Items

The first step is to create a room in your home where you’re be storing all of the goods you’re going to sell. This will help to organize and collect the items, and you won’t be running around on the day of the actual sale.

Start with the items you know you want to get rid of, before you move on to harder to part with items. It’s also important to keep your goal of downsizing in mind, so you don’t become attached to goods you know deep down you really need to get rid of.

Once you have all of your items in one place you should begin classifying those items from high to low value. It can also be helpful to price those items as well, so you’re not rushing around the sale responding to the different price requests.

When pricing your items make sure to take into account the fact that these items are used, and your ultimate goal is to get rid of your items. Price too high and people won’t buy.

Prepare Your Items For Sale

In order to receive the most profit from your sale you’re going to need to spend time preparing your items for sale.

This means washing old clothing, and restoring any old furniture to its original luster. Make sure you clean all older items including appliances and electronic equipment.

It can also be helpful to present the items next to their original boxes, if you still have them in storage, as this will give the appearance of the items being newer.

Set The Time and Date

When picking a day make sure you schedule during the weekend, and towards the beginning of the month. This will ensure you have the most potential for traffic, and people will have more money to spend.

Make sure the weekend you’re choosing is also free from any inclement weather, as this will deter visitors.

It’s also best to start your sale as early as possible in the morning to give yourself as much time possible to sell your items.

Displaying and Organizing On The Day Of The Sale

When organizing your sale make sure you have all like items grouped together. If you have smaller items then consider grouping all of these together on a table. Also, hang all clothes on hangers and group by gender and type of clothing.

You’ll also want to make the area as attractive as possible. You can do this by ensuing the space is clean, hanging balloons, and offering free coffee and other incentives to your guests.

After The Garage Sale

Once the sale is complete don’t fret if you didn’t sell everything. You can always post items to sell online through a variety of marketplaces. The good news is you’ve already cleaned and priced the items, so they’re all ready to be sold.

A successful garage sale begins with extensive preparation. By following our tips above you’ll be on your way towards a profitable and fun garage sale.