How to Avoid Disputes with Moving Companies

South Lake Tahoe moving companyMoving house can be a difficult chore. If you have ever packed and moved an entire home’s worth of furniture, possessions, appliances and clothing then you know better than anyone just how stressful and exhausting this can be. The process can stretch on and on for days (or even weeks), and the upheaval in your life can feel unending.
In order to reduce your stress and help the moving process feel less chaotic, many people elect to hire a moving company in order to transport their belongings, box up their home’s contents and even unpack and help them get settled at their new home.

It is this expectation of ease and trust that can make it all the more shattering when disputes arise with your moving company. Broken objects, missed deadlines, ballooning invoices and simple intrapersonal conflict – all of these things can lead to a disagreement with your movers.

Moving is stressful enough without conflict. Here are some tips that can help you avoid potential disputes with your moving company. 

  • Minimize your possessions – One of the best ways to avoid disputes is to minimize the amount of possessions you have in the first place! You don’t want to have to pay for boxes of old junk to be transported between houses, so you should cleanse your space as much as possible before you move. Consider having a garage sale, donating to charity or simply junking those items that are cluttering your space – you will feel better, lighter and owe your movers less!
  • Ask for a recommendation – One of the best ways to avoid arguments with your moving company is to get a recommendation for a great one in the first place. Ask friends, local real estate agents, colleagues and acquaintances and gain a trusted referral.
  • Agree on a contract with penalties for late delivery – The last thing you want is a so-called “hostage delivery” (when a moving company holds your belongings until their payment is agreed)! In order to avoid this, agree in advance to a contract that both parties sign. This contract should have stipulations for what will happen in the event of weight overages (you will owe more) and late deliveries (they will charge less). This contract is important – read every aspect carefully, and insist on changes if you are not comfortable.
  • Move your most precious items yourself – Movers aren’t perfect, and mistakes do happen. It is always a good idea to keep precious heirlooms, antique jewelry, expensive items, laptops, tablets and anything else of sentimental value with you in your vehicle at all times. Don’t casually throw irreplaceable objects in boxes and trust they will be fine – if you can’t be without it, it should stay with you.

This time is stressful enough – you don’t need an argument on your hands! By following these simple tips you can help to minimize the potential for disputes with your moving company.

Image Credit: © Shannon Fagan | – Movers unloading a moving van, passing a cardboard box