Relocation Tips

When you’re considering a relocation it’s important you get everything in order first. You may think that relocating is as simple as packing up all your goods and transporting them to a new home, however, there are several things you’d hate to overlook throughout the course of a move.

As you know moving is a process. Especially, in the Tahoe area where weather can always make things a bit more difficult. That’s why planning is essential and having a working planning checklist will ensure you don’t miss any key elements of the move.

What To Get Done Before Moving Day:

Having things in order before the move commences will help to ensure that things go very smoothly, and you’ll also help to avoid any mishaps.

  • Schedule a moving truck or company to assist you at least 6 weeks before your scheduled move.
  • Purchase boxes and start packing early to avoid last minute stress.
  • If you’re in a rental make sure you notify your landlord at least a month before your move date.
  • Schedule a shut-off/transfer with your local utility company. This also includes water, trash, and any other services in your name.
  • Fill out a change of address form at the local post office.
  • Arrange for the safe transfer of any plants or animals in your home.
  • Call 1-800-Cleanup for the removal of any hazardous products.

Special Tasks You’d Hate To Overlook:

Moving is already a stressful process, so you’d hate to throw any unnecessary wrenches into your plan. The following tasks will help to ensure the relocation process proceeds as planned.

  • Have your car serviced prior to the move, if you’re relocating a long distance away.
  • Make hotel reservations, or notify friends if you’ll be staying with them and can’t move into your new home right away.
  • Carry fragile items and family heirlooms with you in your vehicle. Although, most moving companies do offer movers insurance these precious items can be almost impossible to replace.
  • Back up any necessary computer documents and files, in case your computer becomes corrupted, damaged, or lost during the move.

On The Day Of The Move:

You’ve finally made it to moving day and you’re hoping all of your preparation has paid off. Whether you’re moving to Tahoe, or leaving for a new area there are still a few boxes left to check on moving day.

  • Depending on the distance you’re traveling make sure you pack enough goods to take care of you and your family for at least 24 hours. This includes any needed clothing, toiletries, food needs, and anything else you require.
  • Make sure you have enough cash to pay the movers, if you didn’t pay in advance.
  • This last one is obvious, but is still worth mentioning. Make sure you have directions and keys to your new home. It can also be helpful to print out directions, as sometimes you may lack service to open the map on your phone, or call someone.

Tasks Upon Move-In:

You’ve made it. You’ve successfully relocated you and your family and you’re ready to start moving into your new home. Before you can finally relax you’ll want to get a few things done to ease the transition into this new environment.

  • Begin the registration process for your children in a new school.
  • Take your children around town and start to familiarize them with their new town.
  • Start the search for new doctors, dentists, and any other health professionals.
  • Open up new bank accounts if your last bank doesn’t have branches in your new town.
  • Take a deep breath and congratulate yourself. You just accomplished a huge task.

With sufficient preparation relocating doesn’t have to be difficult. Sure, it still is quite the process, but a little planning really does go a long way.