How Moving To A Higher Elevation Effects You and Your Family

lake tahoe elevationThere can be a myriad of benefits and reasons for moving to higher elevations. If you’re considering a move to an area like South Lake Tahoe, and you’re used to living at sea level be aware there are going to be a few changes that are going to occur.

A lot of what you hear about living at a higher elevation is nothing but scare tactics, mostly, the air is just going to be drier and thinner.

That being said there are going to be a few differences you may want to keep in mind when planning a move to the mountains. Below you’ll find a few tips that will support you and your family when adjusting to higher altitude living.

Hydrate More Frequently

When you live at a higher elevation you’re going to need to be drinking water more frequently. As your body starts to acclimate to higher elevations you’re going to be losing water and sodium, which can both contribute to dehydration.

Regardless of whether or not you exercise you’re going to have an increased chance of becoming dehydrated, especially as you and your family goes through the adjustment period.

There’s no set rule on how much water you need to be drinking, but you should plan on drinking more water than you originally did back home at a lower elevation.

Adjust Physical Activity Accordingly

If you’re planning on exercising, or spending a lot of time outdoors, it’s important to be aware that there’s an adjustment phase to higher elevation. When you first move up to higher elevation you’ll notice that you’re more lethargic anyways, so it’s going to be more difficult to partake in physical activity.

Since there’s less oxygen available at higher elevations you heart is going to have to work harder, and you’re going to breathe faster as a result. When you’re first getting acclimated to higher elevations make sure you adjust your physical activity accordingly.

Be Prepared For More Intense Sun

The higher you are in elevation the closer you’re going to be to the sun. The closer you are to the atmosphere, the more sun protection you’re going to need. Sunscreen and other sun protection is going to be very important.

Extra sun protection includes wide-brimmed hats, higher SPF sunscreen, and even shirts that have embedded sun protection.

Dress In Layers

During the winter or fall months you should be aware that weather changes very rapidly. If you’re planning on spending any significant time outside it’s important you bring plenty of layers.

When the temperature drops significantly wearing layers is one of the only ways to ensure you and your loved ones stay warm.

Try To Get More Sleep

Getting a solid night of sleep can be beneficial no matter what. But, it can be especially helpful when you’re acclimating to higher altitudes. Altitude exposure will have significant effects on your ability to sleep.

Try to do whatever possible to help yourself sleep longer and deeper. You also might not be able to sleep while you’re adjusting to the altitude, so plan accordingly.

Living at a higher altitude brings a host of benefits, but it also comes with its unique set of challenges. Make sure you plan accordingly and you’ll be enjoying your newfound life at higher altitudes in no time.

Image Credit: © Ldionisio | Dreamstime.comLake Tahoe Elevation Sign California Photo

The Four Principal Benefits of Buying a House at Year’s End

the-four-principal-benefits-of-buying-a-house-at-years-endWith the real estate market in a constant state of uncertainty, ever since the 2008 economic recession, the responsible home buyer needs to stack the deck in their favor. For the vast majority of people, buying a house will be the largest and most important financial investment of a lifetime. It’s important to pull out all of the stops, and to make sure that one secures the best terms possible on their home loan, as well as getting the best possible price on their new house. The following five benefits to purchasing a house at the end of the calendar year will help the prospective buyer in closing a deal on terms which will help them to sleep well at night – in their new, responsibly purchased home.

  • Tax-related benefits: Nobody likes to think about taxes, but dealing with them is a harsh necessity whenever a large purchase is made… and for many, purchases don’t come any larger than that of a new house. If a home is purchased, and the transaction is closed, before December 31st, the buyer can claim mortgage interest, property taxes, points on your loan, and interest costs on your upcoming tax return. Since they’ll likely be paying a lot of interest-related costs in the early years of their loan, this can be extremely beneficial.
  • Buyer incentives: Existing homeowners will want to sell their houses and close their sales quickly towards the end of the year, in order that they may subsequently close on the purchase of their own new homes and benefit from the tax-related benefits of year-end real estate purchases. Likewise, if one is buying from a builder, they’ll be wanting to close the books on the current year’s sales, and meet any necessary quotas. They may offer free home upgrades and other small incentives to encourage a quick closing.
  • Available movers: During the busy summer months, moving companies around the country are booked solid. One might have to secure movers’ services four to eight weeks in advance of the estimated moving date – and any last-minute need to delay the move can be a logistical nightmare. Towards the end of the year, however, business for movers is much slower; this may result in a reduction in rates, as well as the likelihood of a moving company being readily available to help a client move with much less notice given.
  • Home equity: For many properties, their value dips slightly during the winter months. Assessments of a house’s value do not take into account certain aspects of the property that are more evident during the warmer months of the year, including landscaping, gardens, plants, and taxes based on a beautiful view (which are now cropping up all over the country). This translates into slightly lower payments, allowing the new homeowner to put more money towards the principal of their loan – potentially knocking thousands of dollars’ worth of interest off of their total payment in the long run.

How To Organize A Garage Sale Before Moving


garage saleGarage sales can be a great way to make a little extra cash from extra goods you have lying around the house. Whether you’re trying to downsize before a big move, or just create a little space around your home, it’s worthwhile spend the time setting up a garage sale.

That being said, all garage sales are not created equal. In order to have an effective garage sale you must do the necessary organizational and prep work to ensure the success of your garage sale. Below you’ll find our best tips on garage sale organization before the big day.

Catalog Your Items

The first step is to create a room in your home where you’re be storing all of the goods you’re going to sell. This will help to organize and collect the items, and you won’t be running around on the day of the actual sale.

Start with the items you know you want to get rid of, before you move on to harder to part with items. It’s also important to keep your goal of downsizing in mind, so you don’t become attached to goods you know deep down you really need to get rid of.

Once you have all of your items in one place you should begin classifying those items from high to low value. It can also be helpful to price those items as well, so you’re not rushing around the sale responding to the different price requests.

When pricing your items make sure to take into account the fact that these items are used, and your ultimate goal is to get rid of your items. Price too high and people won’t buy.

Prepare Your Items For Sale

In order to receive the most profit from your sale you’re going to need to spend time preparing your items for sale.

This means washing old clothing, and restoring any old furniture to its original luster. Make sure you clean all older items including appliances and electronic equipment.

It can also be helpful to present the items next to their original boxes, if you still have them in storage, as this will give the appearance of the items being newer.

Set The Time and Date

When picking a day make sure you schedule during the weekend, and towards the beginning of the month. This will ensure you have the most potential for traffic, and people will have more money to spend.

Make sure the weekend you’re choosing is also free from any inclement weather, as this will deter visitors.

It’s also best to start your sale as early as possible in the morning to give yourself as much time possible to sell your items.

Displaying and Organizing On The Day Of The Sale

When organizing your sale make sure you have all like items grouped together. If you have smaller items then consider grouping all of these together on a table. Also, hang all clothes on hangers and group by gender and type of clothing.

You’ll also want to make the area as attractive as possible. You can do this by ensuing the space is clean, hanging balloons, and offering free coffee and other incentives to your guests.

After The Garage Sale

Once the sale is complete don’t fret if you didn’t sell everything. You can always post items to sell online through a variety of marketplaces. The good news is you’ve already cleaned and priced the items, so they’re all ready to be sold.

A successful garage sale begins with extensive preparation. By following our tips above you’ll be on your way towards a profitable and fun garage sale.

How A Summer Open House Can Actually Help Sell Your Home

south lake tahoe open houseSummer throughout the Lake Tahoe area means a high influx of tourists visiting the area, and dreaming about living here. If you’ve been thinking about selling your beautiful Tahoe home, then perhaps now is the time to start marketing your property.

Open houses can be a great way to help potential buyers envision themselves in your home, before they buy. The better of an emotional connection a person can form with your property the more likely they are to buy. After all, we usually buy with our hearts and emotions and later justify with our minds.

In this post we’re going to examine the benefits of hosting a summer open house, and some steps to make it perfect.

The Benefits Of Summer Season For Your Open House

The summer season is a great time to have an open house, especially for those looking to sell their Lake Tahoe homes.

High Traffic

People love to vacation and visit the Tahoe area throughout the summer. It’s one of the most heavily visited places in California. This means you’ll have a huge increase in the umber of buyers looking for a vacation home.

This area is so beautiful, it’s a great idea to host an open house so you can give buyers an in-depth glimpse about what it’s going to be like living your home.

Easy Setup

Summer open houses require much less work. All it takes is a few cracked windows and perhaps a refreshing beverage and you’re good to go. The chances are also higher that you’ll be taking a family vacation, or some other trip, so it’s easier to schedule open house time with your real estate agent.

Happier People

People are generally much more stress-free and happier throughout the summer months. This means that people will be much more relaxed, and eager to spend money, and think about their future.

Since Lake Tahoe is so beautiful, and full of energy throughout the summer months this is only good news for those trying to sell their homes.

Hosting The Perfect Open House

The perfect open house is all about creating ambiance. Luckily, compared to the holiday season the summer months require a lot less intentional ambiance creation. For instance, in the winter you’ll want to do things like buy decorations, bake cookies, and schedule family time around open house hours.

However, during the summer chances are you and your family is busy with endless outdoor activities. This means it’ll be much easier for your real estate agent to have an open house. You could even use the open house as an excuse for your family to take a weekend camping trip.

If you’re thinking about selling your beautiful home, then get in touch with our team of local realtors today.

Living Where Most People Vacation: Why You Should Own Property In The Lake Tahoe Area

living-where-most-people-vacationLake Tahoe is one of the premier vacation destinations in the world. It has a unique blend of small-town feel, with world class winter sports, and endless hiking and biking trails. If you love the outdoors, then the Lake Tahoe area is one of the best places you could possibly reside.

If you’re thinking of buying a home or property in the Tahoe area, then hopefully this post will nudge you in the right direction.

Benefits Of Owning Property In Or Around Lake Tahoe

When you’re thinking of buying a property in Lake Tahoe there are a variety of benefits you can only get from buying property in this unique locale.

1. Security

Owning a home gives you a sense of security that renting does not. When you buy a home in the Tahoe area you’re buying yourself a sense of serenity and peace. A place to raise a family and grow your relationships with your family and the surrounding land.

2. Community

Lake Tahoe has a close knit community that thrives on its sense of appreciation for the surrounding area. When you buy a home in Tahoe you’re buying yourself a part of the local culture.

There’s an avid outdoor community, a variety of educational choices, and a burgeoning arts scene for you to tap into.

3. Outdoor Access

Most people think about buying a home in the Tahoe area after they’ve already come up to visit a couple of times. If outdoor activities are your thing then this area has no shortage of options for you.

There are endless hiking and backpacking trails, roads for biking and mountain, and plenty of pristine lakes.

Other Factors Consider When Buying A Home

If you’re getting serious about buying a home there are other factors you’ll need to consider that are beyond the usual home buying specifics.

1. Location

Lake Tahoe offers a variety of locations. For instance, you could purchase a home along the lake, a cabin nestled deep in the woods, or a beautiful home in the more residential areas.

Each area will come with a unique set of benefits and challenges, so choose wisely.

2. Amenities

Different locations throughout the Lake Tahoe area have different associated amenities. For example, some areas have health club amenities, while others are in extremely close proximity to lakes and other outdoor areas.

3. Price

Home prices vary widely based upon the area, size of the home and a variety of other factors. However, there are homes available for a wide array of budgets.

Owning property in the Tahoe area is a great decision for you or your family. If you’re thinking of buying a new full-time residence, or a vacation home our team can help.

5 Reasons You Should Work With A Realtor Who Places Family Values First

When it comes time to choose the perfect agent for your housing needs you’re going to have a few decisions to make. If you’re looking for a beautiful home in the Lake Tahoe area chances are you place family values high on your list. When you’re working with a real estate team with family at its core you can ensure they do things a little differently.

It’s easy to get caught up in the logistics and finances of a real estate transaction, sometimes we can lose sight of what really matters — relationships. We believe that in order to have a successful transaction you need to have a successful relationship. After all, how you do one thing is how you do everything.

1. Trust Is The Backbone

Companies made up of random agents usually operate with financial decision making at their core. There’s nothing wrong with this, but we believe there’s a better way. Any good relationship starts with trust.

Since our team is made up entirely of our own family the foundation of trust is already there, and we pass these benefits onto you.

2. We Understand Your Needs Deeply

If you’re moving to the Lake Tahoe area to raise your family we don’t blame you. We did the same thing! This area not only has unparalleled beauty, but has a friendly community for your family to blossom as well.

Raising children in this ares gives us an entirely new perspective to work from. As as result, we’ll be able to give you recommendations other agents will glance over.

3. Nothing Gets Lost In The Shuffle

They say that business is business and personal is personal. However, we like to blur those lines a little bit. Since, we’re a family owned and run company we tend to talk about our work together on a regular basis.

Luckily, this only improves our chances of finding you the perfect property, or selling your home, as we end up working around the clock.

4. Measuring The Intangibles

There are all kinds of intangible elements that factor into your home buying decision. If you’re making your purchasing decision on more than just finances, then these are going to come into play.

For instance, you can’t put a price on the happiness of your children, or how much they’re going to love the neighborhood your home is in. When you’re making a purchasing decision there’s more to consider than your own needs, we understand this deeply and how it shows up in the real estate transaction.

5. Get Treated Like Family

Since family values are the cornerstone of our business you naturally become a part of our family when you work with us. A lot of companies see you as a piece in their bottom line, nothing but a number.

When you work with us we take the time to deeply understand your needs so we can truly find your dream home. Sure, we want to help you find the best deal for the money, but we also want to form a relationship for life.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in the Lake Tahoe area we recommend taking the little bit of extra time to find the real estate company that’s right for you.